Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Taking the gloves off

So my mom wanted some long gloves to go with a 3/4 length sweater she bought, but couldn't find anything that was affordable and/or attractive. I said to her, "I bet I could make those out of a pair of socks." And she was all, "...but socks are so expensive.\, and the amount of work..." Well, that sounds like a challenge to me. In honor of that challenge I present to you...
.69 cents; not bad, 'eh?

Friday, November 12, 2010

A little something for my bestie

So my good friend moved away :( It's a whole forty minutes of kid-whining, baby-crying, I-spy playing craziness so we've only made the trip once. But, in celebration of her fabulous new house (with fenced backyard--jealous!) I made her a little name picture dealie. I believe that's the technical term. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a frame with five openings, so five frames will have to do. Deal.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Applique is A-OK

...for the 5 and under crowd anyway. After that, it takes a certain amount of finesse to be able to pull it off.

I found this adorable turkey applique here and had a few spare minutes today (what? that should read: I put the baby in her bouncy chair, bounced her with one foot, sewed with the other, all whilst the older two watched some movie about dinosaurs) and thought that I'd give it a try for a turkey themed playdate we're invited to tomorrow. It was easy peasy to make and everything came out of the ol' scrap bag. Well, except for the rhinestone eyes. A girl's gotta have a little bling.

Gobble, gobble. Oops. He doesn't have any feet. I guess he's not free range!
And I think they go delightfully with these baby shoes I made awhile back.