Sunday, May 15, 2011

Covered Pattern Weights: A Tutorial

I was surfing blogs last night and saw some cute covered pattern weights in a photo and I knew I needed some. I asked my manfriend if he had any large washers, and, being the type of guy that he is, he was able to provide me with two ziploc bags of assorted washers. Swoon. I was hoping for a silver dollar size, but the ones that I ended up using are more of a quarter-ish size. How's that for approximate? Anyway, these were super easy and came together in a few minutes. I still think I'd like some bigger and heavier weights eventually, but these are fine for now.
Your ingredients. I also wrapped a weight with twine which worked OK.

Stack some washers up. I added a dab of glue in between layers, but you wouldn't have to.
Glue one end of the ribbon to the hole and start wrapping.
Keep your ribbon smooth by pulling it tight.

Glue your tail down and snip the excess ribbon off.


You could also use strips of fabric, bias tape, decorative paper...lots of flexibility here people.

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