Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can I get a green eyed baby?

I mean, I've done the charts. blue + green = such and such nonsense. But, I'm sort of the great white hope when it comes to passing on this green eyed thing and I'd like to see whether it happened or not.

The other day I was looking at pictures with my mom (only school photos because heaven forbid that my photographer dad should snap any pictures of us...geesh) and in 4K my eyes were blue! But sometime after that they went green. So there's hope yet.
I've been watching the green eye progression on my middle child (aka Thing 2) and his eyes are definitely changing. He has a hazy color around the pupil and I think we're well on our way to green. He tells me it's happening because he kisses me so much. It's true. We do kiss an awful lot. Not like necking or anything, but he's pretty smoochable.

Thing 1 is definitely staying blue. No changes there.

But the other day my girlfriend said, "I think the baby's eyes are changing." And my heart pretty much broke. A green-eyed girl??? Is it possible? I guess only time will tell...

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