Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cut Chenille Baby Blanket

Sometimes I make things to sell or give away and it takes all my power to actually put it in the mailing envelope and take it to the post office. This was one of those projects.

The blanket is made with a Art Gallery fabric that I purchased back when I made Boo's bedding. (We try not to call her Big Baby anymore because her brothers started calling her that and we felt it might be detrimental to her self-esteem later in life.) I purchased just a yard of it thinking that I would make a blanket or something to go with the crib, skirt, bumpers, duvet cover, and sheets. But after all of that I was just done sewing for awhile. I've lost the fabric in my stash a few times, but when it resurfaced I knew what it needed to be made into. This gorgeous cut chenille baby blanket.

The process is time consuming and labor intensive, but not particularly challenging. I used a tutorial found at Aesthetic Nest, only I don't have a chenille cutter. So I just used scissors, but taped over the tip of the bottom blade so I didn't accidentally poke through the printed layer.

The project essentially involves sandwiching layers of fabric together, then quilting them together with miles of straight stitches on the bias.

Then you flip that bad boy over and cut through all but one of the layers to create the "chenille." Add some blanket binding, wash it up, and you're done.

Boo loved it and of course it matched her bedding perfectly...but this one's shipping out today. Sigh.

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