Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seven Wonders of My Parenting World

I love the sound of unconscious children.
The other day my manfriend asked me what the seven wonders of the world are. I said, "I have no idea. The Great Wall of China maybe? Some gardens too. Check out wikipedia, my friend."

But that got me thinking...here are the seven wonders of MY world. I'm sure there are more than seven. Feel free to hit me with suggestions.

1. I wonder how you are unable to hear me telling you to brush your teeth when I'm right in front of you, yet you can hear the Dorito bag opening from across the house.

2. I wonder why you will walk past your father seventeen times in order to find me to ask me a random question that he totally could have answered.

3. I wonder how you fit so much shit in your tiny pockets.

4. I wonder what could possibly be so enticing about your boogers that you would want to eat them.

5. I wonder why you are so opposed to wearing socks.

6. I wonder how it is physically possible for you to produce so much poop.

7. I wonder how you can be hungry ALL DAY LONG. Have you got a tape worm?


  1. I wonder why keeping paper is such a necessity

    1. OMG, yes! I don't WANT every single thing you've ever touched a pencil to. JFC.

  2. I wonder why you can't just ask it, you have to whine it, which in turn makes me want to wine it.

  3. I wonder how you can eat something one day and love it and then the next day hate it.

    1. Totally. Thing 2 will also not like something just because Thing 1 DOES like it.