Monday, October 25, 2010

Hoooo loves you baby?

The boys have decided to be cheap-o Wal-Mart costumes this year, and there seems to be very little that I can do to change their minds. Thing 3 is still little enough that I can subject my will on her whenever I choose. Therefore, she will be an owl.

I made this quickie costume out of a freebie white onesie and some felt "feathers" that Thing 1 helped me cut out. Thing 2 helped me pin them on (note to self: stick pins and two-year-olds aren't the best combo), and I sewed it up while everyone was sleeping. The wings and hat/mask are just free styled. I think it's pretty darn adorable.
Hoo! Hoo!


  1. You make me green with envy!! She's adorable in that costume!!

  2. I love baby :)... and your blog!!! reminds me I should update mine too!