Monday, February 21, 2011

Zen and the Art of Sewing Machine Maintenance

Everything I did today took me 39 hours, which is weird because I'm pretty sure there aren't that many hours in my day.

Getting the kids to eat lunch = 39 hours. Cleaning the floor = 39 hours. Uploading a million pictures since I haven't uploaded any since Thing 2 turned 1 = 39 hours (this was probably the most problematic portion of the day, but it felt like everything).

Plus, my sewing machine crapped out on me, the boys destroyed their room and are currently sleeping on the floor, and Thing 3 has a snotty nose and is trying to cut an estimated 4 teeth. But, joy will fill sorrow's cup and Thing 3 has learned the ugly crawl! Joy and elation.

I'm not one to complain (well, not very loudly. or maybe not for a long time. or at least only until someone comes and helps me), so I pulled out the ol' handy sewing machine tools and took care of one problem on my own.
Notice both the glass of wine and the bottle of children's ibuprofen in the background.

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