Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fat Quarter Baby Clothes

Last week, during JoAnn's Daffodil Dash sale fat quarters were .99. And, before you beat me up about calling my baby fat, fat quarter is a technical term for a cut of fabric that's about 18"x20". So, I stocked up on cute prints and went home thinking about what I could make out of a piece of fabric that small. Shoes, crayon rolls, lunch bags...all the obvious suspects came to mind. But what about making some crazy cheap clothing for Thing 3? Why, yes. That sounds delightful.

These are three bottoms that I came up with, plus Big Baby modeling them with her super chub. There, now you can beat me up about calling my baby fat.

A shirred skirt with a rolled hem
Need to make it a wee bit tighter

Short shorts

You rock that knee fat, Big Baby.

Shorts with a contrasting knit hem

These are my favs.
That's it! They were all crazy easy to make. Now I just need to make some fat quarter tops!

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