Friday, June 17, 2011

Every Gal Needs a Hero

And lucky me, I've got two!

Thing 1 has been after me for awhile to make him a superhero cape. Actually, he wanted an entire costume. Red cape with lightning bolt, red mask, red jumpsuit, and red boots (again with bolts). I thought that might be a bit over the top when added to his red hair, but I was happy to oblige with the cape and mask. Thing 2 decided that his cape should be green, but no mask. When I asked him what he wanted on the back of his cape, he said, "A dot."
Me: " a polka dot? Or a period?"
Him: "I don't know. A circle."
Me: "Well, what superhero would you be?"
Him: "Circle Guy."
Me: "What would your super powers be?"
Him: "I can run circles around you."

I like it. Sass and smart all in one.

Who are you again? Circle Guy?
 I like how they turned out, especially since the fabric was a dollar a yard (woot!). In hindsight, I'd make them less vampire-y by making the collar smaller. Aside from that the boys think that they're boss. They were even defending the city on our way to the store this afternoon.

Don't worry! Lightning Guy and Circle Guy are on their way... the grocery.

They're reversible, too, should they ever want to moonlight as the Silver Surfer or something.

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