Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer (of Cheap)

We're living on a shoestring budget over here. (What does that even mean? Like, you can only afford to buy a shoestring or maybe can't buy a shoestring? Your purse is being held together by a shoestring? No idea, but I'm pretty sure that's what we've got.) So, I'm planning a summer of cheap.

First step is dressing the squids for cheap. I've made Big Baby some cheap fat quarter clothes and plenty of summer dresses, but I haven't made too much for the boys. Well, I made them some super hero capes, but really those aren't too practical for days at the park. So today, I altered the pattern I used the pattern I made for Thing 1's gay baby pants to make some long shorts for the boys. I used a yard of a Hawaiian print that I picked up off a dollar table somewhere, so they were only .50 a pair of shorts! Score! Thing 1's fit better than Thing 2's, but he'll grow. I also wish that I would have put the pockets in like I did in the pants, but alas.

Welcome to summer.
I swear, this is them with tans.

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