Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day on a Dime

There are quite a few celebrations in the summer...Father's Day, niece's birthday, mom's birthday, big baby's first birthday (squee!)...but, since we're ankle deep in the summer of cheap, we've got to make those celebrations special without breaking the bank. Since I'm pretty sure my manfriend is unaware that I have a blog, I think I'm safe posting some cheap Father's Day stuff tonight.

Here's how we did it for Father's Day.
Homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing, homemade Father's Day card,
and homemade garbage bag for Dad's car.
The cake is supposed to be a ruler, like, "you rule." Cute and appropriate since he's a carpenter.
This is the car garbage bag. It has a removable PUL liner and
an adjustable webbing handle that can loop over the gear shift,
center console, or the back of a captain's chair. Right now, it's stuffed with ocean scenes
that the boys made.
Here's where we're at:
Fabric: $1.15
Snaps: $3.50
Webbing: .69
Carrots: $1.39
Powdered Sugar: $2.39
Black gel icing: $1.50
Grand Total: $10.62
Boy, I was hoping to stay under $10.00, but I'd say that's pretty good. We are going to grill out for dinner tomorrow, but it's nothing fancy and we'd have to eat Father's Day to all you cheap smacks out there!
Here's our next project. And I don't mean the helmet ;)

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