Monday, July 18, 2011

We're Maybe Going Overboard...

...on this whole cheap thing, but you gotta do what works, right?

It's literally a million degrees outside right now. I shit you not. It is like walking on the sun. And, it's a thousand percent humidity. And guess what? The kids want to play outside. That's right. All those cool mornings when I was like, "No video games! Get outside and play you little slackers." And they whined like sallies. Now it's so hot that old people and babies can't leave the house without an AC unit strapped to their back, and they want to play.


My manfriend being the engineering sort that he is built them a slip and slide. Yes, I know they're $2.50 at Target right now, but we already have a tarp and sprinkler.

It's like bowling, but with children!

I'm thinking about turning these into a flip book so I can laugh at my kids even when they're not around.

It hurts, but I think I like it!

Thing 1's turn.

Right up the middle.


Do it again, Dad!

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