Saturday, July 9, 2011

Puddin' Pops

Yum. I love pudding AND I love Popsicles. One day the big squids and I decided to combine the best of those flavorful worlds and make homemade pudding pops. The boys were aflurry with excitement.
We used two versions of pudding to make our pops: Cook and Serve and Instant. Both turned out fine.
The vanilla Cook and Serve style was from my husband's grandma's cupboard when she moved out of her house.
Kind of gross that it has a shelf life like that, but it was cheap and yummy!
Cook according to the package directions, but add an additional 1/3 C milk to thin the pudding a bit.
That makes it go farther and helps it freeze more firmly.
Getting ready. We had more chocolate than vanilla, by popular vote.
I don't remember what pudding tastes like. Do I like it?

Oh, that's right.

It's delightful!
Hard at work.

At first they were worried about cross contaminating chocolate to vanilla.

My manfriend thought he could make it go faster with a turkey baster before I informed him that:
A. I didn't want it to go faster. Hello, it's rainy outside and we're bored!
2. That's kind of gross.

A lot of bites made it to his mouth instead of his Popsicle tray.

Getting there.


One big box of pudding and one little box of pudding filled up two Popsicle trays. Minus whatever went into our mouths.

The next day, the kids were ready for puddin' pops right away.

Doesn't he look wistful? After this picture he asked, "Mom...couldn't we have another?"
Super fun and super cheap. And super time consuming! The popsicle trays were $1.29 at Woodmans. I don't know how much pudding costs...about a buck I'm guessing. These had been in my cupboard for awhile. Add in the cost of milk...not bad at all.

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