Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's not a Mompetition

I started writing this post as sort of a self-congratulatory goodbye to nursing, but somewhere in the middle of applauding myself for being so sufferingly unselfless I thought that I should just get over myself. Because here's a big secret...

It's not a mompetition.

That's right. 99.9% of all mothers I've met want the absolute best for their kids. Have you ever heard a mother say, "I only want second best for little Johnny?" No. So, why do some mothers act like every single thing that they do is better than what you do?
Oh, you nursed for six months? That's nice. I nursed for 37 years and sent hand expressed breastmilk to starving children in tsunami swept countries.

You use soy formula? Super. I use milk from goats milked by blind virgins.

You buy generic diapers? I use organic cloth diapers that I handwash and dry by spinning in circles in my backyard.

You co-sleep? Big deal! I never sleep.

Johnny can read?!? So exciting. I remember how excited I was when Sporto turned 2 and learned to read.

You get the idea.

So whether you paper diaper or cloth diaper, nurse or use formula, co-sleep or let the little bastards CIO, my hat's off to you. Because everyday you're making the absolute best choice you can.

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  1. Good post. Everybody's an expert when it comes to raising kids. Sometimes you just have to smile and filter out the BS. Good luck with that...