Friday, December 2, 2011

Felt Garland Tutorial

Felt is hot. I mean, not physically hot, but it's everywhere in the DIY world. I guess if you lit it on fire it would be hot. It probably burns really well. But that's neither here nor there.

Here's my take on a felt garland. I used holiday colors, but you could totally do it with nursery colors or a birthday theme. Whatevs. This project was really easy. You could even do it without sewing if you have a hot glue gun or some craft glue. Hell, even Elmers would probably work.

You need:
  • felt (two sheets of each color. I used red, while, and green)
  • two circles to trace (I used one 2.5 inch in diameter, and one 2 inch in diameter)
  • scissors
  • about a foot of ribbon if you're sewing your garland, about six feet if you're gluing
  • various sewing tools (or glue)
Here's my circles.
Trace your circles on the felt. You'll need twelve of each color, each size (so that's 24 of each color, got it?). I found that twelve of the large circle fit on one sheet of felt, whereas I only needed half a sheet for the smaller circles. Cut those bad boys out.
Once you have them all cut out, lay the larger circles out in a line. Do it in a manner that pleases you. I went in a pattern, red, white, green because I knew it would tickle my OCD bone if two of the same color touched, but if that doesn't bug you, go nuts. Then, lay the smaller circles on top of the larger, again in a manner pleasing to your aesthetic.
I ended up with a lovely long line of circles.
Then stack them up in order. Like this:

This kind of makes me want pizza.

I then chain sewed the circles together. Like this:
I've got the smaller circle on top of the larger and I'm just sewing them together.
When I get to the end of one set of circles, I just grab another off my stack
and sew it on creating a chain.
When you have all your circles sewn into a chain, sew your ribbon to the end.

If you didn't want to sew this, you could glue each smaller circle onto a larger circle and then glue that circle sandwich to a longer strand of ribbon. Same basic principle.

Then hang them up and revel in your awesomeness.


  1. This is a great project. Even my husband thinks so! I like it so much that I pinned it on Pinterest.

    P.S. The fabulous Miss Heidi sent me your way and I'm sure glad she did!