Monday, March 21, 2011

March Madness!

I know you probably clicked on this post thinking that I'd be jabbering on about my love for all things basketball; what with the tall guys, orange balls, and impossibly boring details to the game. Instead, you have to read about me waxing poetic about this, The Month of Birthdays, as it's known in our house.

March is the month where a full 3/5ths of our family gets another year older (if you're including the dog, which we had to this year, the proportion leaps to an astounding 2/3rds) in just two weeks. Insanity. The weeks go a little something like this:
  1. Mmm...cake!
  2. Mmmm...leftover cake
  3. Fresh cake!
  4. Uh....lots of leftover cake
  5. Birthday party cupcakes (God, I hope I don't have to bring any of these home)
  6. A cupcake is really pretty close to a pancake, it totally counts as breakfast 
  7. Really? one more cake
  8. Who the hell wants to eat cake?
But this year the birthdays had me all misty and doe-eyed. I'm not sure if it was the specific ages the boys were turning (5 and 3), or if it's knowing that we're all done having kids and there will be no babies to fill the crib once these kids grow up. And it's amazing how fast they are growing.
I don't know how we went from this...

..all the way to this.

But, God, how I love these little boys. Enough to bake cakes and cupcakes until I want to scream.

Come to think of it...there's not a whole lot I won't do for them.

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