Monday, March 7, 2011

Seersucker: Not Just for Babies and Homosexuals

The other day I was discussing an adorable pair of seersucker pants from the store Crazy8 with my mother. The conversation went something like this:
"Ooooh. Those seersucker pants are cute. I think I'll make some for the boys," I said.
Mom responded, "Really? Seersucker? That"
Me, "Gay, like as in you think they're lame? Or gay, like as in you think the boys will look like homosexuals?"
"Gay, like in homosexual," Mom said.

Fast forward to a conversation with my bestie at JoAnn's:
"Oh, and I need to get some seersucker to make some pants for the boys," I told her.
"Seersucker? That's a baby fabric. You can make something for the baby, but not the boys."

Another conversation, this one with my manfriend:
"My mom thinks the boys will look gay in seersucker."
His answer, "Pretty much everything homemade for boys looks gay."

Well, all you naysayers, behold my badass seersucker pants. I've only made a pair for Thing 1 so far, but if someone's got the potential to look like a gay baby in pants, it's him.
He didn't want to model his new pants; he just wanted to play Tony Hawk.
Stand up or you'll never play Tony Hawk again.
Show me your butt.
He thought that was pretty hilarious that I said, "butt."
Things fell apart pretty quickly after that.

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