Thursday, March 3, 2011

OMG, my stairs are awe inspiring.

I just wrote the longest post in my entire blog history and blogger ate it. That's just par for the course in today's project world.

So...the stairs in my house were awful. They were made so by the Previous Home Owners (hereby referred to as the PHO). The PHOs did lots of things that were horrendous such as decorating the backyard with bowling balls, decorating the dining room and kitchen with six different types of wallpaper, PAINTING and then GLUING carpeting to the stairs.

Our project began many, many moons ago..
And pretty much sat that way for ages. But, Thing 3 was born and threatened to crawl, so we had to make a move. Plus the Grandmas were getting nervous with all that up and down the stairs and no hand rail. And, to be fair, Thing 2 did go tip over tail over the side of the stairs. He survived.

Hard at work
The stair remodel was horrible. The actual treads were easy peasy. Sand, stain, revarnish. We did have to live through a scary period where the treads weren't nailed down and some of them were missing entirely. The risers were a little more difficult. But the spindles, handrails, and newel post...holy smokes! That was something else. There was so much sanding...I'm pretty sure my kids huffed lead based paint at some point, but I'm counting on my extremely high IQ to counterbalance the damage.

So, we're not 100% there; the walls still need to be repainted (especially after Thing 2's bloody nose, creepy finger trailing up the wall incident), but we're good to go re: Thing 3 crawling.
Somebody should contact Bob Villa.