Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Baby is SOOOOO....

There's a lot of things that could complete this sentence. My baby is soooo cute. My baby is soooo happy. My baby is soooo goofy. But, what I was going to say is my baby is sooooo fat. She can't help it, though.
It's glandular
I love her to pieces, but it's like trying to put a onesie on a monkey the way she rolls around and grabs on to me. Forget trying to cram her into a cute pair of skinny jeans (note to self: check into jegging material). So, in an interest to save time, money, and seams, I've started to make my little Petunia some leggings. With four way stretch so she can breathe. I came up with this little polka dot number and tossed a skirt with a similar color scheme over top.
It's hard to tell, but the top and leggings are ruched.
Here she is modeling her new outfit.
Look at that booty!

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