Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Few Updates

Soooo. It's been four days, and I'd pretty much kill a monkey for a Diet Coke. And then I'd skin it and give it to my mom as an offering of how much I love her. Because she has some deep seated hatred for monkeys. No idea why. I'm glad it's not hereditary, because aside for my aforementioned desire to kill one for a Diet Coke, I actually think they're kind of cute. I love it when they ring the bell at the zoo and throw their fecal matter.

Anyway. I would really like a coke, but I've done well and have not succumbed to the desire. I also have not lost any damn weight either. In fact, this morning I was up a pound. I'm almost ready to smash the scale to tiny, tiny pieces but that would mean A. I'd have to clean that mess up. B. Glass shards everywhere. C. I'd just have to go buy a new scale because I love/hate to weigh myself.

Also, a few of you suggested that I ask my manfriend to be my ass measuring device re: my shrinking ass. He was very excited about that new job offer and is hoping that there's some sort of official T-shirt proclaiming his new status. I haven't come up with anything very witty to put on it yet. I'm open to suggestions.

My husband also suggested that I could measure my success by "how well your jeans fit." He then turned and looked at me in disgust and said, "But you've just been wearing those all day," somehow implying that my yoga pants were less of a real pant than my jeans are. It's not like I wear them ALL day. I just usually change out of my "fancy going out clothes" i.e. hand-me-down jeans with holes in the knees into my yoga pants at exercise time/nap time. And then maybe sometimes I wear them for the rest of the day. But that's totally normal. Right?

That's it for now.


  1. Wow really? I think the yoga pants on a chick are hot? Maybe it's just me, but it seems like that would give the husband exact measurements. ;)

    1. It's true. He would get very precise measurements that way. I did change, but into leggings, so I'm not sure if that counts for him!