Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mango Sunrise Smoothie Recipe

My family loves smoothies. I make them all the time and stick random ingredients in them that my children wouldn't otherwise eat. Like mango. Thing 1 is super picky, and Thing 2 is quickly following in his footsteps, so I have to trick them into eating nutritious things. Thank the lord the baby still eats everything put in front of her or I might snap. Hell, I still probably will snap.
It was a hit. Thing 1 especially liked it because it was a very smooth consistency.
Your ingredients. Use frozen fruit to avoid the need to add ice. I buy frozen fruit whenever it's on sale
and just cram it in my freezer.
2 C orange juice
2 C frozen mangoes
1 C frozen peaches
1 C yogurt. I prefer Dannon Light & Fit because it's low in calories and tastes like vanilla ice cream.
*optional: sometimes I add a heaping T of soy protein powder in. We are out, so I did not add any.

Blend that shit together until you get this swirling vortex of goodness:
That's the swirling vortex. You  may need to stop and push things around a little bit, but this
is how you know everything is well blended.

Oh, and if you share this between four glasses (about 12 ounces per glass) each serving is just 162.5 calories. Not bad.

***********Diet Coke Update*******************
OK, giving up Diet Coke isn't ridiculously bad (so far). I'm pretty tired, but I blame it more on an amazing stomach bug that's powering through my lower GI track than the lack of DC. I also blame it on my husband, but that's just par for the course around here.

I am not suffering any withdrawal symptoms, other than salivating like a Pavlovian dog anytime I think about the sweet aroma of a freshly opened Diet Coke.

Also, the baby has somehow learned to say, "Coke." I know she did it to mock me.

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